Debt At The Dancehouse 5th Birthday


To provide FOH and Monitor equipment, Sound Engineers, Stage Manager and a live recording for Debt Records 5th Birthday show at the Dancehouse Theatre.

Equipment Used

  • Soundcraft SI Compact Mixing Desk
  • QSC and RCF Monitors
  • Full range of live microphones
  • Dual Redundant Recording System
  • Soundcraft fibre-optic digital StageBox
  • Wireless iPad side of stage monitor set up


To design the show from the ground up, incorporating 8 acts in to a single evening. Whilst also recording a high quality multi track of the event in conjunction with a four piece camera crew. Matters were further complicated by a lack of adequate sound checks due to the number of musicians involved and when they were able to get to the venue


To incorporate all eight acts in to such a small time frame, we designed a show that would make use of the Dancehouse curtains at the front of stage and at the mid stage point. Larger acts were set up behind curtains whilst smaller ensembles performed in front. A detailed channel list and stage plan for every change over enabled engineers working behind the curtains to set up and line check every band for instantaneous turn around allowing the event to keep flowing with no down time other than the mid show interval.

From a technical standpoint, the use of eight individual monitor feeds gave us the ability to quickly set up and cover the stage with adequate fold-back, whilst wireless microphones enabled very quick placement for different acts.

Recording was achieved using direct outputs from our Soundcraft SI Compact desk. DOGS (Direct Output Gain Stabilisation) was enabled to ensure that any changes to gains during the performance did not drive the recording output in to clipping


“I can’t believe you pulled that off!” ~ Louis Barabbas – Debt Records

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