The Bible @ Bury Met Theatre

The Bible Live Recording


To capture a multi-track recording of English Rock veterans The Bible’s performance at the Bury Met Theatre, paying specific attention to capturing crowd reactions and interactions.

Equipment Used

  • Soundcraft SI Compact Mixing Desk
  • Orchid Electronics Mic Splitters
  • Neumann and LB Microphones
  • Dual Redundant Recording System
  • Soundcraft fibre-optic digital StageBox


To work with the FOH engineer and Bury Met staff to ensure that their jobs weren’t hindered whilst still providing the highest quality recording to the band.

Very limited space in which to work whilst remaining invisible to the audience.


Using our Mic Splitters we were able to route the on stage signals to both our stagebox and the venue stagebox. The signal was then passed directly to the FOH console with no more routing necessary.

From our stagebox we were comfortably able to run the fibre-optic cable to a suitable side of stage position for the recording set up. Due to the side of stage position it was decided that we were in an ideal position to also deal with monitor mixes for the band. The Soundcraft SI Compact is ideal for this job and does not interfere with the recording process so we were happy to take on this role as well.

In addition to the on stage mic set up from the venue we added extra channels for audience microphones and extra microphones on key instruments that would have been unnecessary for a live sound mix.


“Thanks for all your help, you were a pleasure to work with…all for a very reasonable price” ~ Boo Hewerdine – The Bible

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