Our d&b Audiotechnik C7 system

WR Audio have just invested in a d&b Audiotechnik C7 system – four C7 subs, two C7 tops and two P1200 amplifiers. d&b represent the very highest in sound and build quality, making one of their systems an obvious choice to fit with our company ideals and compliment our existing setup.

Our C7 system is the perfect size for festival tents and small outdoor stages, as well as standard gigs for up to one thousand people. The tops contain 15” drivers with 1.5” horn loaded tweeters, capable of a dispersion of 750. The four subs have 18” drivers capable of reproducing everything right down to 44 Hz.

If you’re in need of a serious high quality PA system with all the trimmings including top quality engineers, here’s an example of the sort of package we can put together:

d&b Audiotechnik C7 system

  • 6 active stage monitors
  • Soundcraft Si Compact 24 with fibre-optic stagebox
  • Live microphone collection including models from Neumann, Sennheiser, Audix and more.
  • All stands, cabling and rigging.
  • Two experienced engineers.

 We will be offering this package up until 26th June 2015 for just £500 a day. Book now to avoid missing a bargain!