At WR Audio we offer a wide range of bespoke sound packages available to provide your event with the best sound, your song the best quality and your speech the best clarity. Our services include: PA Hire, Recording, Production, Post-Production and Studio use.

PA Hire

PA HireWe provide high quality PA systems that create amazing sound quality with brands like d&b AutoTechnik, QSC, RCF, Soundcraft and Midas headlining our equipment inventory. All our products are PAT tested and come with public liability insurance of up to £5 million. We can produce optimum sound for both indoor and outdoor events and at reduced prices.

Corporate and Conference

For superior sound quality for your business event you can trust WR Audio. From product launches to exhibitions we have a variety of adaptable PA systems for hire. Our wireless remote systems enable us to be your hidden sound source.

Music and Performance

With experience both onstage and offstage we have the skills to equip your event with a professional sound system. We have a range of microphones available dependant on the performance including hand held, lapel and belt packs.

Event Solutions

We can provide equipment for both large and small venues and even multi-stage events. Set up is quick and efficient and can create amazing FOH sound and monitor mixes.


RecordingUtilise our 56 channel, high quality, portable recording system and turn your piece into something to be remembered. Whether you are creating a promotional video, streaming a live performance or videoing an awards ceremony, we can help create a professional project.


Stream your event live with our integrated, compact, live stage set-up. Discreet and professional, it will create your optimum quality festival recording.

Classical Performances

Whether you have a large or small ensemble we use only the top quality digital equipment to create sound excellence. We can generate a natural reproduction of your performance. 


We have specialist equipment designed to be powered without the need of electricity. This is ideal for remote locations, outdoor shoots and power failures. WR Audio can adapt to your location without reducing quality.

Contemporary Live Shows And Gigs

To enable live broadcasting and online viewing we can mix live. Supplementary microphones can be added to capture the audience to really bring the atmosphere home.

Schools and Societies

Whether you are creating a public awareness video or celebrating achievements, we can create affordable recording to showcase your society. 

Corporate and Conference

WR Audio provide clear audio and video for high quality corporate recording. We can broadcast live webinars and stream prestigious conferences for your business.


For discrete radio mics, ceiling mics and other bespoke rigging; WR Audio can capture your performance and produce crystal sound quality. We can stream your event live for extensive audience reach.

Production and Post-Production

Post ProductionEditing

Editing is about taking the best moments of your performance and bringing them to life with the correct timings and shots. We tune, order and align your performance in preparation for your ultimate track.


Create varied effects and truly define your sound style with our mixing services. With our experienced team you can keep the original soul of your performance or create alternative sounds.


This is the final stage of your track, which enables it ready for distribution. Whether you are releasing it on CD, vinyl or digitally, we can master your track to create the greatest sound.

Synchronisation to Video

Often during an event the audio and video are recorded separately. We use Cubase 8 or Reaper 4 to carefully blend the two forms and create a synchronisation of high quality video and sound.


Remixing can re-invent your sound, help to reach out to different audiences and help to explore new musical directions. It can also be useful for advertising and promotional if you require a different version of your song.

Audio Restoration

At WR Audio we can restore your cherished audio files so that your track can be restored to its original artistry. We can remove disruptive background noise and also digitise vinyl and tape recordings.


Based in Worsley, Manchester: our 2,500 sq. ft. of rehearsal, production and recording facilities are ready for action. With a 600 sq. ft. rehearsal and live room and 1000 sq. ft. live room you can bring your music to life.