Music & Performance

Music & PerformanceAt WR Audio we pride ourselves on being able to provide the high quality equipment for music & performance along with talented, experienced staff necessary to ensure the highest quality sound.

Our qualified and experienced staff have many years experience with live music of many genres both on the side of engineering/technical staff and performers. This experience both on and off stage has allowed us to tailor the way we work to make every event work for artists, staff and audiences.

The systems we use have been designed to achieve the highest sound quality and provide ultimate adaptability. For example, our digital Soundcraft desk and stagebox makes it possible for one engineer to mix at the Front Of House position whilst a second engineer can simultaneously and wirelessly mix onstage monitors at a side of stage position, no matter the size of the stage or venue.

Over several years we have built a collection of microphones to suit ensembles of any genre and size. We have worked with everyone from solo acoustic performers to twenty-piece folk and jazz ensembles and everything in between.

If you’ve chosen WR Audio for your PA hire and engineering needs why not take advantage of one of our package deals including live recording and post production services, giving you a high quality recording of your performance at a discounted price?

To discuss your individual PA hire requirements you can either call us on 0161 794 6389 or simply click here to fill in our contact form and one of our engineers will get in touch.