Audio Restoration

Audio Restoration and Repair

Often a recording can appear beyond repair, which can be especially annoying if it was of a particularly good performance. Whether a technical issue in the initial recording or a damaged tape or disc we can breathe life back into the most irretrievable of recordings.

Using the latest restoration technology, we are able to restore badly damaged recordings, remove noise and interference, clarify speech in a reverberant space, remove hum and hiss as well as many other issues

We can isolate and eliminate mobile and wireless interference, background noise, digital glitches and clipping and many other issues from any recording. So whatever the issue with your recording, let us repair it.

Format Transfer

This is the process of converting old recordings to digital copies for backup or to be used on portable playback devices.

Vinyl and tape tend to wear out over time and it is not always possible to replace these with re-released digital versions. We are able to digitally enhance recordings of any age or quality and provide copies for playback on all modern devices. This is a great way of backing up your entire record collection and keep it one convenient digital space.

At WR Audio we have the facilities to digitise and if needed, restore audio recordings from a number of formats. We can process audio from cassette tape, vinyl (331/3, 45 and 78 rpm), CD or MiniDisc. We can also deal with more specialised formats such as 8-track cassette, quadraphonic vinyl and all sizes of magnetic tape. We could even convert player piano rolls into MIDI files.