Editing is the first step of the post production process. Once recording is complete, the files are organised in a sensible manner, areas of silence removed, filters applied to the lowest and highest unnecessary frequencies and basic gates and eq’s applied.

Editing can and often does also involve some intricate work on timing, tuning and phase alignment. The aim being to get the best out of the performance and not to redo or overdub parts. Where multiple takes are available, the best part can be compiled from the multiple options down to one usable track.

WR Audio offer this service to all customers who have already had a live or location recording done with the company, however we also offer this as an extra to those looking to tighten up the technical side of the recording process before moving on themselves to the more creative mixing process.

Editing requires a high level of competence on computer based DAW’s and an effective edit can make the mixing process easier and more enjoyable.

All live and location recordings from WR Audio can be edited before they are provided as multi-track stems. The process of editing involves checking each tracks integrity, arranging tracks in to a sensible order, removing any unwanted performance based noises from the recordings, fixing any issues such as feedback and organising the files in to an easily manageable format ready for mixing. Files are then uploaded to a dedicated WR Audio server at 24bit 48k ready for you to download at your convenience.