Mastering is the final stage of the recording process and often the most difficult. An acoustically neutral space with accurate studio monitors are essential for this work, as are experienced mastering engineers. WR Audio can provide both of these for a stunning end product. Whether you are going to be pressing to CD, vinyl, or digitally distributing via streaming or download, we can provide the mastering quality to provide you with the confidence that your recordings will translate across all formats and players alike.

We offer both online and attended mastering sessions, so if you can’t make it to the studio, don’t worry because you can do it remotely. Check out some before and after examples below and get in touch for a free sample master with no obligation.

Mastering Prices:

  • 1-3 Tracks – £25 per track
  • 4-9 Tracks – £20 per track
  • 10+ Tracks – £15 per track

As with any of our audio services, whether we are providing mobile studio or live recording services to you, we can offer our mastering services for a reduced rate as part of a package. We also offer full production packages for EP or album releases, from the recording of your material through to mixing, mastering, physical production and digital distribution via online retailers (iTunes, Spotify and Bandcamp for example). We can even provide event production for your launch, including our high quality PA equipment and experienced engineers and events staff.