We offer fully professional audio mixing services by our experienced engineers at a very reasonable rate. Our mixing facilities are custom designed to combine the most accurate possible environment and the highest quality equipment, allowing for the highest quality results.

The mixing process requires an acoustically neutral environment, an experienced mix engineer and the correct equipment to get the most out of your live or studio recordings. At WR Audio we have all of these things and more.

Our dedicated mix room has monitors from Tascam, Acoustic Energy and Event and headphones from Beyerdynamic, Audio Technica and Sennheiser. The acoustics have been custom designed to provide the most neutral environment possible. The hardware and software is capable of providing the highest quality results and our mix engineers have years of experience in many genres as recording, mixing and mastering engineers as well as producers. As musicians ourselves, we are able to work with you to achieve the results you want to the very highest professional standard.

Get in touch to talk about your mixing needs, on multiple track projects we can mix one track for free as an example of what we can achieve or you can check out our portfolio to browse our previous work.

If we are providing mobile studio or live recording services to you we can offer our mixing services for a reduced rate as part of a package. We also offer full production packages for EP or album releases, from the recording of your material through to mixing, mastering, physical production and digital distribution via online retailers (iTunes, Spotify and Bandcamp for example). We can even provide event production for your launch, including our high quality PA equipment and experienced engineers and events staff.