Sync to Video

The video recording and audio recording of an event/ performance/ show etc. often take place completely independently from each other. The necessary cabling and infrastructure for pre synced audio to video is usually the domain of TV studios or other large permanent facilities. The prevalence and quality of hand held battery powered cameras now also means most video is captured on discreet SD cards and brought together for editing later. This video then needs to be synced to the audio recorded at the event.

Digital recording of audio and video relies on the independent clock source in each recording device. There is often noticeable drift over time between the video and audio sources. Our sync to video service breaks down the audio in to manageable chunks and carefully aligns this to the video edit. The process often requires careful and subtle time alignment to perfectly match the video stream.

Ideally the audio will be mixed to the video edit, allowing creative decisions on panning and reverb to match the visual stimulus once this is complete exacting video sync is achieved within Cubase 8 or Reaper 4 with the aid of high definition monitors and projection.