RecordingWR Audio offer an extremely portable but very powerful recording solution, able to record up to 56 channels of the highest quality audio simultaneously. We can make recordings in almost any location. We even have a small generator capable of powering the system for real off the grid spaces.

WR Audio are able to capture high fidelity recordings of many different situations. Using the highest quality and most portable equipment we are able to set up quickly and efficiently in any space up to 100m from the performance area. Integrating in to any system, guaranteeing the highest quality results with minimum impact to live shows and any stage/ sound crew or events staff and offering true mobile recording studio facilities for location recording in any space.

We have experience in recording many kinds of events, as purely audio recordings as well as sound for video and broadcast:

Classical Performances

The highest quality microphones and truly noiseless preamps can ensure the most faithful classical recording available at the prices we quote. Our discrete setup allows us to remain hidden and to have a minimal visual impact on-stage.

Contemporary Live Shows and Gigs

Whether we are mixing the live show or not, we can take a broadcast quality split of the on-stage channels and add supplementary audience mics to really capture an event. We can mix live and on-site for show review, broadcast and online streaming.

Festival Stages

Our highly compact, high quality live recording setup allows us to integrate into any festival stage setup and remain completely separate from the live sound system whilst remaining as out of the way as possible.

Theatre Productions

With plenty of range (up to 70m from stage) we can record and monitor live theatre productions and dress rehearsals. As well as discrete radio mic systems we have experience in rigging theatre venues with ceiling microphones and using other unusual mic placements to ensure not to have any visual impact on your production.

Corporate and Conference Events

As well as providing the PA system to make your conference or corporate event sound great, we can record the proceedings and provide audio recordings to take away on the day as well as video services to make sure you capture every aspect of your event. We can even broadcast your event online for public or private viewing.


Studio recordings have been made in many spaces from basements to museums.

As with all our live recording and location recording, our recordings are made more secure by our dual redundancy system and our battery based UPS (uninterruptible power supplies) that ensure even in the event of a full electricity failure we have power to continue recording or broadcasting. Extra fast reproduction to CD (short runs up to 200) and USB memory sticks is also possible with advance notice. Please contact us for more information or a quote on any of the above live recording services.

Recording for Schools and Societies

Our portability and adaptability lend themselves well to making a recording of a variety of ensembles in the same setting, whether this be a live concert recording or a more studio-style recording. For a live recording we can discretely adapt to any performance or rehearsal space and with our portable setup create the atmosphere and achieve the quality of a recording studio in any location.

We can provide an elegant and affordable solution to making high quality recordings of all the ensembles from your college, school, club or society. Such a recording can be an effective way of raising the public awareness and profile of any educational organisation, or simply a fantastic way to archive the achievements of your pupils or society members

From production and logistics all the way through to mixing, mastering and even physical production (CD’s or USB memory sticks) of the recordings, we can provide the highest quality product at the best possible rate. We can also arrange the digital release of your recordings via online services such as iTunes, Spotify and other such online retailers.

Please visit our classical recording, live recording and location recording pages for more information on the equipment and service that we can provide or for more information you can either call us on 0161 794 6389 or click here to complete our contact form and one of our engineers will get in touch.