Live Recording

Live RecordingWR Audio are able to record any live performance in multi track high fidelity audio. With custom mic splitters and over 40 channels of the best pre amps and converters, we are able to integrate in to any venue or live system. We can make use of space side of stage in monitor world, discretely alongside the front of house desk position or in any small space up to 70 metres from the stage to set up our live recording equipment.

Our system was designed to be portable, robust and efficient both in its function and the amount of space needed to set up in. A side-stage or front of house position can often be busy enough already without a live recording setup to think about. We can locate in the most convenient spaces to have the least impact possible on any part of your event or production.

Taking our feeds directly from the microphones, we can guarantee clean high quality recordings of the entire show whilst remaining sonically invisible to the FOH and monitor engineers. When appropriate we will always add to the live microphone set up and add supplementary room microphones in order to capture the full ambience and audience reaction to your performance.

Live recordings can be transferred to portable hard drives to take away immediately after your event, or we can provide our high quality mixing and mastering services at a reduced rate when taken as a package with a live recording. We can even mix an event live and have mixed and mastered files ready within half an hour of the end of the show. This is a much more comprehensive setup with several computer systems performing different functions, sharing the recorded files over a private, secured server.

All recordings are made more secure by our dual redundancy system and our UPS (uninterruptible power supplies) that ensure even in the event of a full electricity failure we have power to continue the live recording long after the lights go off.

Why not let WR Audio take care of the Live Sound as well for a fully inclusive live event and recording solution? Our high quality PA systems, broad microphone collection and experienced engineers will ensure that your event sounds the best possible both live and recorded.

For more information on the equipment and service that we can provide you can either call us on 0161 794 6389 or click here to complete our contact form and one of our engineers will get in touch.