The Sessions Of March

This March we had the privilege of working on this amazing project. Providing a location recording rig to capture full band performances of 25 artists over a 1 month period. Below are details of what happened and what we produced. Please go to and check out the amazing variety of video’s

This is a project born out of love for a creative community.
The mission is to create amazing collections of independent music, and showcase it together in all of its glorious variety.

During the month of March 2015, a team of people came together to record 80 tracks involving 25 artists. For the last 5 years, the sessions team has been involved in a variety of ways with a music venue in manchester. Some were involved from the beginning, whilst others joined the fun along the way. Those who ran the venue had a strong ethos of respect for local and independent creative people and their artforms. We wanted to create a space where all of the variety of talent they discovered could be showcased alongside each other. There was huge variety in what they put on, and wherever possible, our favorite independent and local music was the forefront of it. The aim was to support the creative community as much as possible, and to unite people under the banner of celebrating creativity in all its forms.

The team constantly evolved and created a successful business with this ethos at the heart of it. However for various reasons, the team had to make the decision to leave the venue in early 2015, taking this ethos with them. When you have put so much into a project it is hard to just walk away from it, therefore the plan was formed to return to the venue for one last project to celebrate and sum up why we did what we did for all those years. Namely; the amazing independent creative community we discovered along the way.

A project was created to record as many of our favorite bands we had discovered in a month’s worth of live recordings. The audio was recorded by WR Audio, and the video was filmed and edited by Midnight Sounds, as both compaines had been involved with the venue for some time. The Sessions of March was organised, funded and photographed by Kris Extance, who had previously been heavily involved with the venue for a number of years as the General Manager.

This started as just a project to celebrate a time in our lives, however due to popular demand from the musicians involved we are all hoping this project does not end here. We only mananged to capture a small part of the amazing community we became a part of, and for this reason we have decided to try and raise enough money for a second set of sessions. These, like this first set, would be released for free in a similar fashion. Please visit the Kickstarter page if you enjoy any of the videos you see here and want to support the project.

Our long term aim after doing a second set of sessions would be to unite as many of the artists involved in a live event, giving the public a chance to experience all of this first hand. We had so much fun making these recordings and we would be honoured if you were to help us continue this experience. Please support all your local independent music, as there is so much amazing creativity out there everyday. We just want as many people as possible to see it and if possible to see a huge variety all in one place. It is what we live for.


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